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Understanding The Sport of Entrepreneurship with Kerwin Rae

One of the things that I love about entrepreneurship is it’s the closest thing that you can get to being a professional athlete.

You’ll get direct feedback on whether you can really play or if you stink… but no matter what the market says about you, there’s always room to improve and get better.

Here’s the cold truth…

The job market is shrinking, with technology replacing human labor and capital funding becoming more and more scarce since the 2008 meltdown business owners and CEO’s are more focused on costs and the bottom line more than ever.

The highest cost savings can usually be found in the elimination of a salary.

I say all of this to say, If you’re not currently running your own business then it’s something that you should seriously consider looking into if you want to keep up with your current standard of living.

My guest today has been coaching and mentoring in the arena of business for over 10 years. Meet Kerwin Rae. Kerwin is an entrepreneur, investor, business coach/trainer who has spoken all over the world. Over 100,000 people have attended his workshops and seminars.

He has worked with the likes of Jordan Belfort, Harry Dent and Oren Klaff just to name a few and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading authorities on business strategy.

In this conversation you’ll learn…

  • His unique perspective on money
  • The one key characteristic that separates him from most entrepreneurs
  • How he stays in a high vibration even in failure
  • How he’s overcome his biggest fears and his best technique for overcoming any fear

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