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Trust Your Hustle with Anthony Trucks

I believe the true essence of entrepreneurship is having the ability to recognize an opportunity. An opportunity to take a product or situation of lower value. Enhance it. And then turn around and offer it back to the world at a higher value.

This process of alchemy can be applied to anything; real estate, cars, clothing, services and what you’ll learn in conversation today is that it can even be done with your story.

My guest today is Anthony Trucks, Anthony became an entrepreneur against his will at the age of 3 years old, when he was placed into foster care by his mother. The statistics say that he should’ve wound up dead or in prison.

Instead he went on to go to college, play in the NFL, launch a successful business and is currently an international speaker, author and consultant for entrepreneurs.

Through all of the adversity he’s experienced he’s still been able to create a great deal of success and in the process he’s created a proven system for achieving success that he teaches all over the world through his brand, Trust Your Hustle.

If you’re dealing with any kind of adversity (and even if you’re not don’t worry because you will…lol) you’re going to enjoy this amazing conversation.

In this interview you’re going to learn:

  • The decision he made that turned around his life and took him to the NFL
  • The mental process that has consistently allowed him to beat the odds and win in life
  • The power of consistency
  • How to avoid the big mistake of leading with your ego
  • How he uses 2 simple words to drive him to success
  • How he took his business from $7K to $27K per month in 60 days
  • How he approaches self doubt when dealing with life’s challenges
  • The critical aspects of any business and why most people struggle in entrepreneurship
  • Why looking for an easy route is never good in business
  • His concept for reframing failure

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