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7 Principles For Growing Personal Success with Tony Dada

One of the things that I’ve always made an effort to be is someone that can lose everything and then turn around and get it all back. I say that because I believe that a truly wealthy man isn’t wealthy because of his money or the value of his possessions. He’s wealthy because of who he is.

My guest today Tony Dada is one of those people. At his lowest point Tony found himself homeless with nothing to his name. It was also during this time that Tony began what he calls “His Great Experiment”.

With nothing left to lose he also lost his sense of fear. With time he slowly began to see the great opportunity that he had in front of him…the opportunity to focus on developing himself into a better person and creating the life that he’ d always dreamed of.

Tony created a new definition of success for himself, one that was no longer based on society’s typical definition of success. He instead focused his attention on creating a legacy by making a difference and choosing to empower the people of his community.

Since that time Tony has used his time and talents to transform many of London’s economically disadvantaged.

Today Tony is a social entrepreneur and an award-winning author who has developed a proven strategy for living an empowered life based on his 7 foundational principals that he calls “The GPS System”, which stands for Growing Personal Success.

Tony is one of the most sought after empowerment coaches in the United Kingdom and in 2012 he received an award for Outstanding Contribution from the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to identify your natural talents, get in alignment with your purpose and create powerful results without resistance then you definitely want to listen to this conversation.

During this interview we discussed…
  • Why our existence is more spiritual than physical
  • How to accelerate mental maturity
  • The importance of mentorship
  • Relationships
  • The ONE idea that you must understand before you’re able to create money
  • Why being a nice person can often be a bad thing
  • The lessons that he learned from losing everything

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