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Creating A High End Consulting Practice with Tim Conley

There are a lot of changes taking place in the economy right now and it’s happening very quickly. The job market is shrinking and the newer jobs that are becoming available are paying less. As an entrepreneur this is great news because change creates problems and entrepreneurship is all about solving problems.

As you know one of the fields that I’m really enthusiastic about is business consulting. I like it for a number of reasons but here’s  just a few…

  • The overhead needed to start a consulting practice is minimal
  • You don’t need any advanced degrees or certifications
  • The more that you invest into yourself the more you get paid
  • You get to have a direct impact on the economy by helping business owners become more profitable and efficient
  • It’s one of the highest paid professions

Today’s Guest:

My guest today is Tim Conley. He’s been actively consulting business owners for over 16 years and has worked with well over 400 businesses during that time. He’s the creator of the Founder to Leader Transformation (FLT) Program where he trains entrepreneurs to become better businessmen and leaders. He’s also the creator of The Foolish Adventure Show, which has had more than 1.6 million listeners.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Tim got his start as a business consultant
  • His perspective on failure and making mistakes as a consultant
  • What he looks for in a business before he focuses on increasing revenue
  • The biggest mistakes that most business owners make that sabotages their success
  • The secret to developing the confidence to consult a multi-million dollar business when you’re just starting out
  • The best way to learn to become a consultant
  • His secret to scaling his coaching and consulting practice
  • His surprising forecast on the future of consulting
  • His daily routine for success

Listen Now:

Tim’s Site:

Tim’s Podcast: The Foolish Adventure Show

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