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The Secret To Becoming An Industry Expert In The Media with Terri Trespicio


Does your career have you feeling uninspired and burnt out?

Have you recently thought about quitting your job and changing careers?

Would you like to know how you can go into any industry and quickly be seen and respected as the go to expert?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you’re going to learn a lot from my guest today. Terri Trespicio is a branding and marketing consultant who helps businesses and entrepreneurs build highly visible brands that stand out dominate the competition.

Terri has an extensive professional resume which includes working as an editor and radio host for Martha Stewart. Contributing as a writer for Huffington Post, The Robb Report, and Jezebel, among others. As well as numerous TV appearances including Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show, The Anderson Cooper Show.

You can also find her showcasing her talents on The Grant Cardone Network as the host of the show Solopreneur. She is also an in demand speaker recently giving her first Ted Talk that went viral and currently has over 1.3 million views on youtube.

So it’s pretty safe to say, if you’re interested in growing a brand and getting lots of media attention while doing it then Terri is the person that you talk to to make it happen.

She’s now teaching others how to get major media attention and create powerhouse brands with her new course that she co-created with Paula Rizzo called Lights, Camera, Expert.

In this entertaining, inspirational and educational interview Terri and I talked about;

    • Her unexpected transition from the “safe and predictable” world of Corporate America career into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship.
    • The vital skills that every person must possess in order to thrive as an entrepreneur.
    • Her secret for going into completely new industries and quickly being viewed as an expert.
    • The mindset shift that most people fail to make that prevents them from ever being seen as the go-to industry expert.
    • The step-by-step process that she uses to build a powerful network of industry movers and shakers from scratch.
    • The importance of embracing uncertainty in both business and life.
    • Why looking for a passion to build your business around is a waste of time and a big mistake.
    • Plus a lot more.


Interview Links:

Terri Trespicio’s Ted Talk – Stop Searching For Your Passion


Huffington Post


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