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The Art of Business Flipping with Ace Chapman

Ace bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After he sold it he accidentally realized the benefit of buying a business versus starting one from scratch.

After selling his first business he continued playing around in the stock market and attempted several start up business ideas here and there but he was starting to run short on cash. It seemed nearly impossible to get ahead. He found himself with little savings, student loans, and credit card debt.

He was sick of being broke and not being able to afford to finer things in life or the freedom to follow my passion for travel and connecting with people. But he was terrified to try anything. So he bit the bullet and joined corporate America.

As a college dropout, he knew eventually he’d hit a glass ceiling in the corporate world. Plus observing his former colleagues nearing retirement he saw their future as retiring on a little more than social security. It was obvious in speaking to them that despite all the hype around their retirement plans they weren’t working in reality.

To Ace it was a pathetic existence, someone spending so much of their life doing something they didn’t enjoy.

Well, eventually he was fired and I had a choice. Either go back and find another job or shoot for something bigger…freedom. Ace went for something bigger and honestly had no idea what he was doing.

He knew that he couldn’t risk his future with a start up. It was just too risky. So hw decided to find another business to buy.

He made some sacrifices, found a mentor, and bought his next business, put up billboards all over the city saying, “We Buy Ugly Houses.” He grew that business to be his first million dollar business and sold it.

He took some of the money and bought two retail stores. At one point each business was doing over $1 million dollars in revenue. Before he knew it Ace was on the path to becoming a true dealmaker.

It got to the point where he decided to sell those 2 businesses. He was glad to be rid of the headaches and have the opportunity to start from scratch with his new knowledge.

He took a little time off, traveled and just collected monthly checks from financing the sale of the businesses. He had the opportunity to do some consulting and build a relationship with a certified billionaire.

It was then that I realized that the wealthiest people in America were not wealthy because of cash flow from their business but from growing a business and either selling it all to a a single buyer or selling portions of it via the stock market to shareholders.

So Ace decided to start over…

He decided to design his life first and then build his business strategy around his life. That led to him buying over 40 businesses and counting over the past 16 years. Discovering unique strategies to finance businesses and helping other’s leverage those strategies.

In this interview you’ll learn that you really can create you own your reality. As you listen to our talk imagine how much more rewarding it would be if you could tap into 100% of your own potential. Click the link to listen.

Click Here To Listen To My Interview With Ace Chapman

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