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The Art of Being A Closer with Ryan Stewman

I have a philosophy, it’s been developed over years of observing,
reading and experience…
The people who can endure the most pain are the one’s that
can handle the most happiness and success.
It’s not rocket science.
Think about it, we already know that we can create whatever we
want in life… if you’re willing to do the work that’s required to get it.
Last week I had a conversation with entrepreneur, writer and
marketing consultant Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” Stewman.
Ryan’s someone who’s put in a lot of work and invested a lot in
himself to get on top.

It’s always easy to tell when you’re talking to someone who’s going
“all in” in life. After a few minutes of talking to Ryan I could already
tell this was going to be one of the realest conversations that I’ve had
on the show so far.
I wasn’t wrong about that impression (you’ll see what I mean when you
listen to the interview).
But just to further clarify when I say that he’s real
I mean that he owns everything about himself and his life,
the good and the bad.
He doesn’t make excuses, he doesn’t take the easy route…
he just sets an intention and attacks.
It’s always cool to talk to someone who embraces their truth,
there are so many people who build brands around
the illusion of being perfect, not this guy.
They’re far and few in between but every now and then you
come across someone who raises their hand and says
“Look I’ve made some mistakes, I’ll tell you all about them
but here’s why you need to listen to me…” Ryan is one of those
kinda guys.

For me the biggest take aways from this conversation
    • the importance of investing in yourself
    • the power of being intentional and why most avoid it
    • how to create opportunity in adversity
    • the mysterious connection between adversity and belief
    • becoming your biggest fan
    • why most people can’t sell shit
    • how he generates traffic
    • the thinking required to build a 7 figure business

After listening to this interview you’ll walk away with a better
understanding of the power of transparency.
When you stop trying to fit in and own who you are there will be
some people who will love you and some who will hate you.
That’s a good thing…
the worst thing that can happen to you is that someone meets
you and they don’t have an impression about you at all.

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