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(Podcast) AJ Mihrzad on Becoming An Online Fitness Coach

Are you a fitness coach that is looking to grow a coaching practice online?

If so you’ll want to listen to today’s episode of The Dream Chaser Show where I interviewonline fitness coach AJ Mirhzad.

AJ is the author of the best selling book; “The Mind Body Solution”, where he proves that the key to a better body that’s in shape, energized and youthful is a healthy brain.

AJ is a Fitness professional and has a Masters in Psychology.

He’s also been featured in The Huffington Post, Men’s fitness and on Bodybuilding.comAJ is also the host of the popular Online SuperCoach Podcast on itunes.

Along with changing the lives of people all over the world. He’s extremely dedicated to helping Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches create an ethical and profitable Online Income on

AJ is regularly featured as a keynote speaker at various events all over the country.

I came across his facebook posts about a year ago and if you ever want to read some inspirational authentic content I highly suggest that you follow him.

I was able to catch AJ for an interview after just returning to his home in New York City from a speaking engagement. It was a great conversation that actually went a little longer than we both expected which can only be expected when you put 2 people together that enjoy talking about goals and success.

AJ gave some great insight into how he built his online empire. One of the things that’s cool about AJ is he was transparent in letting everyone know that his journey hasn’t been easy and that there were times that he thought about giving up but he didn’t which is why he’s where he is today.

AJ also gave away a few secrets that he used to grow his client online practice so fast.

You’ll be able to hear AJ passion for success in his enthusiasm.

If you’re an online coach looking to grow a successful coaching practice you won’t want to miss this episode.

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“There’s more entrepreneurs and business owners than any other time in history” – AJ

Some things that we talked about;

– Why it’s important to create value first

– Why joining a high ticket mastermind has been one of his most profitable decisions

– How he used the law of association to increase his income

– The first thing he did after quitting his corporate 9 to 5

In this episode you’ll learn;

– The importance being around other successful people

– Why it’s important to give your clients value FIRST

– Why AJ prefers group coaching over 1 on 1 coaching

– How AJ survived as an entrepreneur after leaving a great income

– Why its important to increase your tolerance for pain.

Live Big, Dream Big

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