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Creating Invisible Empires with Mark Hoverson

Your words and your imagination are the tools that you will use to either create your wildest dreams or the nightmare of your poverty.

Once you become conscious of the fact that the questions that you are asking yourself NOW are literally creating your reality you will find that what you want to experience while here on this planet is 100% up to you.

My guest for today’s episode is Mark Hoverson. Mark has created has created a business empire and his dream lifestyle by simply asking himself questions and taking action on the answers that were given to him.

I first came across Mark on youtube maybe 5 or 6 years ago and since that time I’ve learned a lot from him about entrepreneurship, sales psychology and business leadership.

Mark comes from the humble beginnings of once living in a trailer home, qualifying for welfare and being in as much as $40,000 in credit card debt before he made a decision to turn it all around by following his passion. He’s since made ten’s of millions of dollars through his multiple online businesses over the last 8 years.

There were a bunch of different topics we could’ve tackled in this interview but instead of trying to force too much Q&A structure around the conversation I decided to just talk and see what came up and as I guessed would happen he wound up dropping a ton value.

Some things you’ll learn in this interview;

  • Why he was able to earn millions of dollars after being broke and living in a trailer home for 5 years
  • The idea of genetic entrepreneurship
  • Why basing decisions on logic can often be a mistake
  • The power of asking yourself questions
  • The one question that he continually asked himself that took him from making $38K per year to making over $38K per month
  • The power of bringing ideas to completion
  • How to use emotional outcomes to propel your success
  • Why story telling is critical in influence and leadership
  • The 4 questions you should alwasy ask before creating content
  • How to get your content to go viral
  • Mark’s #1 daily success habit
  • How he would create success again if he lost everything
  • The power of having a big vision

If you’re a fan of psychology and persuasion then get ready to listen to one of the best direct response marketers in the world. Mark charges private clients as much as $100K for a private consult. He also doesn’t do a lot of interviews so shout out to his partner Tyler and the whole team over at Hoverson Leadership for helping us put this one together.

Live Big, Dream Big

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