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How To Use Attraction Marketing To Build Any Business with Steven Rachel

The great thing about the internet is that you can become a celebrity authority in any industry…

Did you know the average person in the U.S. reads 1 book after completing high school or college (this most likely isn’t you or you wouldn’t even be on my site). That’s probably not the first time that you’ve heard that statistic.

When most people hear that they shake their head and mumble to themselves quietly about how the world is going “down hill”.

Not me though, actually for me this is great news and you should feel the same way.


Because the world is changing. You know what? On second thought, I take that back…

The world isn’t just changing, it’s changing REALLY FAST.

Rapid change means that new knowledge needs to be acquired in order to adapt.

When the stats tell us that most people fail to educate or invest in themselves regularly after formal schooling that means it’s up to guys like us to lead the way and educate them.

In the current environment anyone who has the passion and drive to educate themselves in a particular field of study has the opportunity to position themselves very well financially…

When you think about what drives human nature it’s really simple…

All of us want to maximize our chances of survival (and the survival of our loved ones) and we want to increase our satisfaction with life (get closer to happiness). With that being said, the enemy of survival and happiness is change. The more change that’s present in the environment the more education people need in order to adapt.

In other words if you have information that can increase someone’s chances of surviving – or make them happier – you can develop your very own tribe of followers who will gladly listen and even pay you for your knowledge.

Many people are still following an outdated blueprint that was created for the industrial age…

In the Industrial Age your biggest commodity was your time. In the Information Age your biggest commodity is your ability to create value.

While there are many people still chasing a world that no longer exists there are others that are adapting and leveraging the huge opportunity that exists in the “digital marketplace” today.

If you’re old enough to read this blog you were probably raised on television (unlike the current generation that’s being born who are being raised on mobile devices and the internet). We were taught that people who presented a point of view on a video screen were experts and authorities.

This is a belief that’s hard wired into all of us, whether we agree with it or not. When you take today’s rapid pace of change and the authority factor of video you have the perfect storm.

My guest today Steven Rachel (along with his wife) have leveraged this opportunity to become top income earners in multiple business opportunities. In this interview he talks about exactly how he does it.

We also discussed…

  • How he built a brand he uses to generate income on demand
  • How to get over the fear of talking in front of a camera
  • How he creates success in any business opportunity using video
  • How to create high quality original content
  • And more

If you’d like more information about Steven Rachel click here.

Click Here To Listen To My Interview With Steven Rachel 

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