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How To Recreate Your Life with Ruben Gonzalez

Why would any sane person want to jump into a sled and get pushed down the side of a mountain going over 80 mph?

Well, my guest today made an Olympic career out of doing just that.

When Ruben Gonzalez was growing up he had the goal in mind of becoming an Olympian. When he was 21 he decided to make that goal a reality so he took it upon himself to learn the sport of luge. Even though all of his critics told him that he was a too old to take up the sport as a beginner and compete on a professional level, he still went for it.

4 years (and a few broken bones) later he was competing in his first Olympic games competition. He then went on to compete in 3 more Olympic games and at the age of 47 he was competing in the Vancouver Olympics against guys half his age.

What I really like about Ruben is he’s made a habit of continuously recreating himself all throughout his life.

While selling copiers in Downtown Houston Ruben decided to quit his job to become a professional speaker (by the way with no professional speaking experience). He’s now one of the most popular motivational speakers in the U.S.

In this interview Ruben shared a lot of insight around his thought process and how he’s been able to create excellence for himself continuously in different areas of his life.

During the interview we talked about;

  • What competing in the Olympics taught him about overcoming fear

  • The key to developing relationships with powerful people

  • His daily success routine

  • The secret power of writing out your goals everyday

  • How he launched his speaking business

  • The mindset shift that he learned from an early mentor that he uses to eliminate stress and increase his odds of success

  • The one secret that he learned from reading tons of biographies

Click Here To Check Out My Interview With Ruben Gonzalez

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