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How To Overcome Fear with Christopher John Stubbs

You wanna get rich, drive a nice car, have a big crib to chase
the kids around in?
You probably already know what you need to do to get all
of that stuff (if you don’t have it already),
you’re just not doing it.
Everybody wants to have success (or at least appear
to have success) but have you ever taken the time to
consider that most of us are actually
more afraid of success than we are of failure?
Interesting concept isn’t it?
But it makes sense…
Success requires responsibility, it requires you to show up,
it can cause some of your friends and family to
become upset with you…
Starting to see the picture?
Everything comes with a price tag, you just have to make up
your mind what you’re shopping for.
Overcoming fear is one of my favorite topics in the world
personal development.
I think that has to do with the idea that every time that
I overcome a fear I get more personal
power back that can be used to overcome more fears.
The way I see it, life isn’t all about collecting a bunch of stuff,
it’s more about overcoming a bunch of shit you’re afraid of.
When you become fearless that’s when everything you want
becomes possible.
I know that every time I’ve removed a layer of fear from my own
consciousness that my happiness and satisfaction with
life also improved as well.
So when I had a chance to sit down and talk with one of the top
breakthrough and business coaches online I obviously
had a lot of questions to ask about this subject.
Christopher John Stubbs is one of the best breakthrough coaches
on the planet.
I could go on and on with the long list of clients that Chris has
personally helped to achieve better results in life
and in business, but I won’t. Listen to the interview and
you’ll see why it’s not necessary.
Christopher is also one of the realest dudes you’ll ever meet, he doesn’t
pull any punches and he keeps everything 100% authentic.
Get ready to listen to the wisdom of a great father, mentor and warrior.

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“Nobody changes until their pain becomes bigger than their fear of change”

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