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(Podcast) How To Sell Anything with Gulliver Giles

The most important skill in life is selling. Most people hate sales but the truth is that we all sell, everyday. If you’ve ever asked for a job, a loan, a mate…..(I think you get the picture) then you were selling yourself.
In this episode I take a moment to speak with one of the best sales trainers on the planet, Gulliver Giles. In this interivew he gives a unique perspective on selling as an art.
What I enjoyed most about this interview is not only does he share his step by step process but he also shares the mindset behind the process. Gulliver’s process for mastering his craft can be applied to anything that you ever want to master in life.
Gulliver has produced over $20,000,000 in profits for his clients over the last 3 years. He has consulted in over 80 different industries. He regularly goes into large corporations and doubles and many times even triples the performance of the sales staff. To give you an idea of how powerful his strategies marketing legends such Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss have personally hired him to train their high ticket sales staffs.
What I learned from Gulliver is that sales is not anything that you do to someone instead it’s something that you do for someone. Success comes when you make your personal interests secondary to the interests of your clients and prospects.
Listen Here;

If you hear something that interests you and you’re interested in connecting with Gulliver personally feel free to reach out to him a facebook.

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Some questions that I ask Gulliver;
  • How does sales parallel with martial arts?

  • What are the secrets to creating breakthroughs in performance?

  • What is the best industry to be in today?

  • What would you do if you only had $500 to start over again

  • What is your sales process?

In this episode you will learn;

  • What elelment go into creating sales mastery

  • Why most people don’t do well in sales

  • How to instantly put a prospect in a “buying” state

  • How to turn a cold prospect warm in a few seconds

  • The mindset shift that caused him to go from foreclosure to a multiple six figure earner.

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