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How to Find Passion and Profit with Bobby Cappuccio

The world is waking up slowly but surely. We’re leaving an era where cash rules and entering one where the most valuable assets are time and freedom.

If you’re in a rut or you’re trying to figure out exactly what you should be doing with your life then you’ll definitely want to check out this interview with Bobby Cappuccio. 

Bobby is a corporate consultant, author and international speaker. What struck me the most about Bobby the first time that I spoke with him is how much he understood about psychology and human behavior. He’s like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to triggering winning behavior and getting people to achieve their highest potential.

Bobby’s background includes being the former Director of Professional Development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also one of the co-founders of the PT Academy Global where he’s assisted countless leaders in creating dramatic change in the businesses.

Bobby has consulted national organizations such as 24-Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Lifetime Fitness, Virgin, fitpro and Bally’s, just to name a few. He’s an expert in the areas of sales, neuroscience, communication skills and human potential.

During this interview the conversation was centered how anyone can break out of a less than ideal lifestyle and live from their passion. 

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The universal lesson that we should take from Walt Disney’s life.
  • How to use your natural talents to break out of a rut.
  • The step by step process to finding your talents and passion.
  • The missing piece of the puzzle that stops most people from taking action in their own lives.
  • The secret to closing more sales in your business
  • The critical mistake that most people make in sales
  • How to take control of your life and find your truth
  • The single most attractive quality that anyone can develop
  • The importance of staying in the continuous process of giving

Click Here To Listen To My Interview With Bobby Cappuccio


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