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How To Develop World Class Discipline with Dre Baldwin

One day about 2 weeks ago I was surfing around online..

I came across an episode of Young Hustlers where they were interviewing pro athlete

and internet personal branding pioneer Dre Baldwin aka “Dre All Day”


I remember seeing his motivation videos back in like 2009, maybe 2008. It was cool to see that Dre

was continuing to expand his brand. He was one of the first brothers that I saw using the internet to 

create a personal brand online, taking youtube to the next level and basically creating his own “show”.

Sure, everybody does it now but back then very few people were using social media to build a brand yet.

That was something that you still only did on TV (haha…crazy how fast times have changed, right?)

 I can even say that he was one of the people that inspired me to create The Dream Chaser Show.

So as I’m watching this interview…

in the back of my mind  I thought to myself how he had put himself on that stage and created that 

opportunity on his own, without having any special connections, luck or family “hook-ups”.


He made it happen with good old fashion work and discipline, reaping the rewards that come

along with making a decision and sticking with it.

How many people have you seen stick with something for 9 years (outside of going to a job everyday)?

Not many probably, most people give up once they see that nobody cares, and by the way…

that’s the reason nobody cares (think about it).


At that point I decided to reach out to Dre to see about bringing him on the show, he’s obviously a

member of the 3% club, I was sure it’d be a great interview.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dre’s story…

in 2006 he uploaded a highlight video from a basketball workout to a new video site called youtube

(it was new at the time)…


He was using the video to get the attention of pro basketball talent scouts that he was interested in

trying out for. After posting the video and forgetting about it, several months later he came back

to find a bunch of people he didn’t know had been watching it and were asking him questions…

Fast forward to today…

since uploading his first video to youtube almost 10 years ago Dre has uploaded more than

4500 videos online that have been viewed over 30 million times. In fact  he hasn’t missed a single

day of doing a video in over 2000 days (that’s over 5 years for those of you still trying to figure out the math).

Pretty impressive stuff, right?

Quick question…

how much could you accomplish in your life if you committed to putting in work towards something

everyday without fail for 9 years?


What you’ll learn in this interview is that success in anything is 80% about the level of commitment that

you have to following a process. When you put all of your attention on following a process instead of 

getting a result that’s when the big shit starts happening.


Most people get what I just said  backwards, they wait to follow the process after they start getting the

results…I probably don’t have to tell you how that movie ends do I?

After listening to this interview with Dre Baldwin you’re going to walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to win and how you need to think in order to achieve success on the highest level.

>>>You can listen to the interview by clicking here<<<

What you’ll learn in this interview…

  • How he changed himself from a player with no talent into one of the best
  • How he keeps himself motivated and focused 
  • Why most people won’t commit to a long term process
  • The ONE talent that you must possess as an entrepreneur
  • The little known technique that he uses to trigger the subconscious to help him address challenges
  • What he does everyday at the start and end of his day that increases his ability to produce
  • The difference between having a vision and a dream and why it’s important to know the difference
  • How to build confidence and belief in yourself

>>>You can listen to the interview by clicking here<<<


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