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Decoding The Secret Language of Money with Dame DC Cordova

I recently became interested in the study of Etymology, which in case you’re not familiar is the study of the origins of words. When you truly understand the essence of a word, where it comes from and its true meaning you’re able to better apply the concept of the word to your studies and your life.

Conversely one idea and concept that is probably more misunderstood than any other is the concept of money. Interestingly enough most of us dedicate most of our lives to making money for ourselves and our families but we never truly understand what it is or how its really created. As a result we wind up becoming slaves to it and it winds up controlling most of our actions and time.

The established “system” teaches us that money is something that comes from trading our time to an employer in exchange for it. And very often even when we become entrepreneurs we still employ that same mentality, which keeps us trapped working inside of a business. Instead of building a real asset that generates income independent of our own time and energy.

My guest today Dame DC Cordova is on a mission to educate the world about financial literacy and transform the way the world sees money. She does this through her 2 education companies; Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs and Money and You.

More than 100,000 graduates have been trained through her programs worldwide. In fact many of the top wealth and business leaders in the world have attended her programs. Including names such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and T Harv Eker just to name a few.

DC was also business partners with Robert Kiyoskai in the early stages or each of their careers, in fact many of the concepts that he teaches today come from what he learned in DC’s program’s.

If you are someone who has struggled to master the concept of money, what it really is, how to create it and most importantly how to keep it, then this is a conversation that you’ll want to listen to.

During this interview we talked about…

  • The one thing that you must have in place to create wealth in business
  • The little known 4 part formula that all highly successful businesses employ
  • The hottest industries for entrepreneurs to be in right now
  • How to select a niche for your business that empowers you to succeed
  • The fundamental traits that all wealthy entrepreneurs have in common
  • The 4 members of your business team that are critical to your success
  • How to identify hidden self-sabotaging thoughts about money
  • Understanding your “money biography” and how to create lasting change with your personal finances
  • The difference between educational and transformational change

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