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How To Think Like A CEO with Ben Williams

I attended a marketing event called Monetization Mastery almost a year and a half ago down in Miami…

I always tell people if you want to change your belief system around money and what’s really possible then go to an internet marketing event.

When you’re surrounded by people who are on the internet making thousands of dollars (and some even tens of thousands) per day it has a way of shifting the way you think about business.

I’ve also discovered one of the truths about building a businesses online… if you want to make some money then you do it alone. But if you want to build wealth then you build teams.

One of the people that spoke at Monetization Mastery was my guest today, Ben Williams. Ben provided a blueprint on how to outsource tasks and scale pretty much any online business. This process is the X factor between those who make a living and those who are living the life.

In this episode Ben talks about the steps that he took to leave Corporate America while building his business part-time and how he approaches creating extremely profitable businesses online.


In this conversation you’ll learn…

The exact steps that he took to transition out of his $30K/year job

The thought process that he uses before building a business online

Why it’s critical to systemize tasks in business

How he approaches which outsourcers to use

How he stays focused on the execution of 1 idea at a time

The simplest way to build a profitable online businesses

His biggest challenge as an online entrepreneur

The one thing that he does on a daily basis to insure his success



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