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How To Become A Location Independent Entrepreneur with Austin Distel

A few weeks back I attended a networking event here in Atlanta, while hanging out there I met my guest on today’s episode, Austin Distel.

At the age of 24 Austin is a digital entrepreneur who has already created and sold an offline business and launched his own digital agency. And if that’s not enough he’s also one of the founders of a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs called The Entrepreneur Alliance.

The Entrepreneur Alliance is an online training hub and community for digital entrepreneurs. Outside of the phenomenal training and transparency of the leadership one of the distinctions that separates “EA” from other online communities is that they also host live offline events/meet-ups all over the world.

In this conversation Austin talks about his risky decision to drop his major of Dentistry while in college to pursue a degree in marketing. He also talks about how he created his digital agency from nothing and also what lead to him joining the leadership team of The Entrepreneurial Alliance.

One of the things that Austin and I share in common is that we were both heavily influenced by Tim ¬†Ferris’s book – The 4-Hour Work Week. You’ll be able to hear Tim Ferris’s influence in the way that Austin approaches creating an online business.

In this conversation you’ll learn;

  • How to start your own digital agency and earn the trust of new clients quickly
  • The trap that many location independent freelancers fall into that keeps them broke
  • The mindset needed for maintaining focus and avoiding “Shiny Object Syndrome”
  • How to use gut instinct to make business decisions
  • A unique approach to learning and keeping yourself inspired
  • The daily tasks he performs to run Entrepreneur Alliance
  • How to develop business relationships and build a network of high level entrepreneurs
  • And much more

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Austin’s Site

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