I’m Will Lane, creator and host of the The Dream Chaser Show.

The Dream Chaser Show is Blog/Podcast that was created to educate and motivate entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur to think and live BIGGER. This blog is specifically designed to separate the secrets from success. I saw there was void out there in terms of what’s really working in entrepreneurship and what’s just being sold as great sounding ideas.

In every blog post and episode you’ll learn about the habits, breakthroughs and lessons that I as well as my guests have learned through our journeys. And you won’t being hearing about just the good stuff, this is full disclosure over here. We talk about the failures as well. Contrary to popular opinion failure is where the success really happens.


The Urban Dictionary defines a Dream Chaser as someone who hopelessly goes for things that are out of their reach.

I prefer to define a Dream Chaser as a big thinker. Someone who instead of fear sees possibilities in the darkness of the unknown. As a result takes more risks and action than the average person in order to fulfill their vision.

If you’ve listened to past episodes you know there’s been some debate on whether or not being called a Dream Chaser is a good thing or not. In my mind a Dream Chaser is someone who’s moving forward towards their goals and rejects the idea of mediocrity that consumers the masses. If you’re not running after your vision you’re probably playing too small.


Our mission is to create a platform where you can come to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and leader. My goal for everyone who follows the blog/show to become the kind of person that you could drop off in the middle of a cornfield with nothing to their name and within a short period of time they would become self sufficient. Simply by virtue of who they are and what they know. That’s freedom.

Coming soon there will be programs, books and trainings that you’ll be able to access to move your personal mission forward.

Also your feedback is always appreciated. If you like what you see and hear please leave a review in Itunes or wherever you may be accessing the Show. We appreciate your support.


Live Big, Dream Big



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