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A Random Rant About Creating Wealth (Podcast)


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Today I got inspired to do a rant about building wealth which was largely inspired by my recent re-read of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence.

Have you ever wondered why financial education isn’t taught in school? Even an MBA doesn’t give you a good financial education, how crazy is that?

Sometimes its not what you know its the questions that you ask about what you don’t know.

Today’s show doesn’t really have one message other than make you think or to have you question an idea that maybe you haven’t before.

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Some things that I talked about…
•The 4 levels of The Cash Flow Quadrant
•Important life lessons from the game of Monopoly
•Knowledge = Money
•Being creates doing
•The importance of emotional intelligence
•How different personalities handle fear
•Overcoming the fear of taking risks

“Creating success in anything is more about being than doing.”

Live Big, Dream Big

Will Lane


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