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(Podcast) Lessons From Millionaire Mentors with Chris McGarahan

What’s up Dream Chaser Fam!
Quick story…
A few years ago I used to be a member of a network marketing company.
In my opinion this was one of the best network market companies to every
The primary product being marketed in this particular company was information.
Information on pretty much  anything involving self-improvement. This wasn’t just
regular personal development info that you could go find on the web, this
information came from some of the best researchers and teachers in the world…
To make a long story short one of the speakers who would regularly speak for many
of the events for this network marketing company was direct sales 
legend Chris McGarahan, Sr…
 Fast forward, a few years later, one day I’m surfing on facebook and I
come across a post for Chris McGarahan Jr (Chris Sr.’s son)…
 I checked out some of his content and learned that Chris Jr. is also a beast in
the direct sales industry following in the footsteps of his father. We traded a
few messages and stayed in touch…
Several months later I come across a facebook group called 
“Mentored By Millionaires” that Chris Jr. put together..
 This facebook group is phenomenal, I’m really impressed with the the high
quality of  the content, it’s not just your everyday personal development
At that point I reached out to Chris and invited him to do the interview below.
Check it out, Chris talks in depth about his mindset for success and how he’s
been able to achieve more before 25 than most people achieve before 40…

During the interview we discussed;
  • How he was able to grow up in a wealthy family but was still able to develop a world-class work ethic
  • The one thing that separates Chris from everyone that he grew up with
  • The incident that caused Chris, Jr. to take his life to the next level (all guys will be able to related to this)
  • The book (and even the chapter) that he read over and over again that is responsible for fueling his success
  • The technique that Chris uses to 10X his personal development training
  • How he stays focused and turns the distraction of social media into opportunity
  • The most important activity he does in his business to create success
  • The top 2 themes that all millionaires have in common
Listen to the interview here

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